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Indulge in Healthy Eating . . . Sarasota Style!

Many of us travel to Siesta Key to relax and allow the tranquil gulf waters to restore our bodies to a healthy, energized state of mind. Siesta Key is a top destination spot in the US and many claim there is a wonderful healing process they experience while walking the miles and miles of crystal quartz sand that can only be found in Sarasota, Florida.

What we eat on vacation is often just as important as where we go. Eating organic, healthy, interesting, and new food is also a part of what helps us truly feel alive and restored. Thankfully eating healthy doesn’t mean depriving ourselves or our appetites. Making healthy choices is exciting and fun when dining at VEG, a vegetarian and seafood restaurant located on Gulf Gate Drive in Sarasota, Florida, only a few minutes from Siesta Key.

What is VEG?

Healthy Eating, Sarasota Style

VEG is a locals’ favorite. This intimate, unpretentious vegetarian and seafood restaurant offers organic, wild-­caught, low salt, unique dishes with wonderful spices from all over the world. Included are separate vegan and gluten-­free menus along with, beer and wine. Lunch and dinners are served. (Breakfast starting in November 2015).

Healthy Eating, Siesta Key FLAtmosphere and Pricing?

VEG is located in a strip plaza right on Gulf Gate Drive. The dining experience is casual with a genuinely friendly local vibe. Lunch prices range from $8.99 to ­$10.99 and dinners are $15.99­ to $25.99 .
“Veg is one of my favorite restaurants in Sarasota for a casual delicious meal. I love knowing that I am eating clean, organic, healthy food that is good for me. I really care about the quality of the food I am eating and my body thanks me when I visit VEG. How do I know? I feel great and sleep well. There is no substitute for delicious healthy food. Food is, and has always been, the best medicine and VEG really knows what they are doing,” says, Dawn Bear, General Manager of Tropical Beach Resorts.
20150922_193956Secret: Sometimes I can’t resist the chocolate mint coconut milk ice cream! It’s so creamy and delicious!

Tip: Call for reservations. This is a small local favorite, and the restaurant fills up quickly.

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Make sure to ask us about more healthy options while visiting Tropical Beach Resorts the next time you visit Siesta Key.


Sarasota has a plethora of amazing restaurants offering all style of epicurean delights! Let our knowledgeable staff help with finding your perfect spot for a delicious meal!

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