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Sarasota Beach Scavenger Hunt

Sarasota Beach Scavenger Hunt

Visit Sarasota County published an amazing scavenger hunt to help keep the kids busy and attentive and to really discover the amazing things that are available to see on our beautiful beaches! Give the kids the list and let them see how paying close attention to the little things around their feet in the sand and on the waters will help them fully appreciate Mother Nature’s gifts! Let’s help the kids learn a little bit about our local flora and fauna and keep them off their phones and tablets. You never know, they may just end up a scientist at the MOTE Aquarium! See below:

Nice job Liz!

Can You Find? A Sarasota Scavenger Hunt

Keep the little ones – or the big ones – engaged and entertained with a Sarasota Scavenger Hunt. How many can they find? #MySarasota.

At the Beach

Sarasota wildlife

Sarasota wildlife

(Remember: If the creature is alive, please observe and enjoy, but handle carefully and return to its home safely)

  • Colorful lifeguard stands
  • A bird that can swim
  • Shark’s tooth
  • Sea whelk egg case
  • Sand dollar
  • Fighting conch (hint: you’ll find it with your toes)
  • Burrowing coquinas
  • A swimming mammal
  • A critter with a shell
  • Sea turtle egg shells
  • Bird of prey
  • A sand castle
Male Lizard Sarasota

Male Lizard Sarasota

Out and About

  • A statue of a sailor kissing a nurse
  • A pink house
  • A palm tree growing on a boat
  • A banyan tree with roots coming out of its branches
  • A picture of a clown
  • A male lizard (hint: the males have colorful dewlaps extending from their necks)
  • The big bridge
  • Someone driving a mini car
  • A bird’s nest
  • A palm tree with fronds longer than you
  • A sailboat

Bonus Item: The green flash as the sun sets

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