The beach is obviously one of the best vacation and relaxing spots on the planet, but it is also a very healthy choice of location and activity. Mental and physical health benefits are plentiful. The beach can help your skin, brain strength, muscles and overall health if you know the best way to utilize it.

benefits of salt water and beaches Benefits of salt water and beaches

The Salt Water:
How does a swim in the ocean benefit your body?
1. Sea water does wonders for acne and semi-permanent scars. Salt helps cure, clear and cleanse which is great news for your teenager’s breakouts or your scratches from that friend’s cat you tried to pick up last week.
2. Salt water is a natural shampoo. The salt cleanses the oils from your hair and scalp. Taking a dip in the ocean can add volume, get rid of dandruff or built up chemicals, and strip unnecessary oils from your hair. A visit to the beach can be the best treatment for an oily scalp or an overuse of products weighing down your hair.
3. Salt water heals cuts and sores. The salt water will cleanse any cuts of toxins and dry out pus.
4. It clears your nasal passage ways. Often when I was sick as a kid my dad would take me to the beach… Weird, I know. But it was probably one of the best things he could have done for me. The first relates to the sun, which I will touch on later, but the second is because the salt water un-stuffs your nose! Doctors even will prescribe mixing salt and water into a little gadget that filters out the mucus from your nostrils; but, who needs that when you can hop in the ocean?!
5. Swimming in the sea water helps you stay fit and in good health. This one is a bit obvious, but none the less very accurate! It burns a ton of calories and uses many muscles in your body that aren’t used in any other exercises.

The Sand:
What does this fluffy white stuff on Siesta Key have to offer to my health?
1. Sand is a natural exfoliant. You never leave the beach not covered in sand right? This is actually a great thing because this natural exfoliant will keep your skin healthy and help the breakouts. Your body is constantly getting rid of dead skin cells, so it is important that you exfoliate to keep your pores open and your skin soft.
2. You burn up to fifty percent more calories walking in the sand and your muscles tone much faster. If you are going to exercise, why not do it with a beautiful view!
3. Being buried in sand increases your body’s resistance and raises your circulation and metabolism. That’s right, I am giving you an excuse to let your kids bury you in the sand… You won’t look that ridiculous!


Benefits of the Sun Benefits of the Sun

The Sun:
But I thought sun bathing was just to get that nice golden tan?
1. Being in the sun stimulates vitamin D production. Vitamin D helps reduce the risk of cancer, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, and depression while boosting your immune system, combating type II Diabetes and fighting acne. IMPORTANT: Do not forget to keep applying sunscreen throughout the day! Especially in the Siesta Key area where the UV rays are very strong. The closer you are the equator the stronger the UV. So, if you’re visiting from Wisconsin and think you can last the day without sunscreen, you are very wrong! Many of my family members have made that mistake because they know how their skin can hold up in the sun where they are from, but I promise it is different here. You don’t want to spend your vacation with a crippling sunburn after day one of thinking your skin is invincible. It will not be fun!
2. Heat from the sun makes you sweat, which in turn raises circulation and metabolism. Sweat also releases toxins to keep you healthy.
3. The sun makes you happier! Having high levels of Vitamin D helps your body maintain high levels of serotonin, which helps you be in a good mood. It’s no wonder people come back from a beach vacation much happier.
TIP: Remember to shower and moisturize after a day at the beach. This will avoid the salt drying out your skin and it will also help hold in the color you got from sun bathing!

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