Hurricane Warning on VacationUnlike other parts of the country, Florida boasts year-long warm weather, making it one of the top destinations in the United States regardless of the season. But even the Sunshine State isn’t exempt from unfavorable conditions: Hurricane season hits as early as July and lasts as late as November, with August and September as the most active months.

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The good news is that Sarasota has suffered very few direct hits. Fortunately, we haven’t had a major hurricane on Siesta Key Beach where Tropical Beach Resorts is located. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to always be ready! This means you’ll encounter only a small chance of your vacation being interrupted when you come visit us at Tropical Beach Resorts.

Still, it’s best to be prepared for unexpected disruptions given how unpredictable weather can be. Before traveling, check the forecast and see if there’s any news of an upcoming hurricane, and if there’s an official warning for it. If there is one, contact your airlines and hotels for their policies on reservations and cancellations. At Tropical Beach Resorts, we take storm warnings seriously, so we waive cancellation fees in the case there is a hurricane warning during your scheduled visit. The only thing we ask for in exchange is that you notify us prior to your scheduled arrival.

So, what happens if a hurricane arrives while you’re in the middle of your vacation? Different hotels implement different procedures, but at Tropical Beach Resorts we follow an evacuation policy. Just call the front office, and we’ll give you instructions on what exit routes to take, where shelter locations are located, and how you can make alternative travel arrangements.

At Tropical Beach Resorts, your comfort, safety and well-being are our priorities! Contact us today if you have further questions or to book your stay today

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