So you’re on a family beach vacation with young children and you just know that while they can’t wait to get to the beach, their interest won’t last much past building the first sand castle. What to do once that happens? Here are a few kid-friendly beach ideas . . . ‘local mom approved’:

-Build that sandcastle, but don’t forget the moat around it! Have your child run back and forth to the shore for water for the moat.

Build a Siesta Key sandcastle

Build a Siesta Key sandcastle

-Try a drip castle. Mix sand with water and drip from your fist from above. When the slurry mixture lands and builds upon itself, it is a sight to see.

-Write your child’s name in the sand with your finger, take a picture of it with his or her feet in the frame. If your child is old enough, have them write their own name.

-Draw a road in the sand for cars or trucks. Add shell roadblocks, sticks, just use your imagination. If you didn’t bring any cars, make believe that a shell is a car. Siesta Key Kid friendly vacation ideas

-Roll a ball. Dig very shallow trenches, build hills for the ball to follow, the kids will love this.

Identify different types of Siesta Key seashells

Identify different types of SIesta Key seashells

-Go on a treasure hunt for shells. You can try to identify them on the Internet once you get back to your room if your child is interested or categorize them by size, shape, color. Remember to leave all live animals on the beach.

-Build your youngster’s vocabulary. Beach vacations are great for exposing kids to new words. Identify boats, jet skis, kayaks, seagulls, shells, crabs, seaweed, etc. Identify different types of seashells

-Teach children the importance of sun safety. They can learn this as early as age 2, it’s all about repetition at this age. Drink lots of water, reapply sunscreen often, and wear a hat. The phrase “No red spots, that’s the goal.” seems simple and effective.

Siesta Key Kid friendly vacation ideas

Siesta Key Kid friendly vacation ideas

We hope you and your family enjoy your Siesta Key Vacation! Tropical Beach Resorts has two big bins of beach toys also available here at the resort, so if you forget your beach toys or are traveling by plane, we have got you covered! Call our front desk direct to speak with a local reservation specialist to find the best option for your family vacation to Siesta Key. We have many different room options available, so let us help you decide:)

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