What makes Siesta Key sand so white? The sugar white sand of Siesta Key explained:

Siesta Key White Sand

Siesta Key White Sand

I have to tell you that growing up as a Sarasota local with countless hours spent on the beautiful beaches of Siesta Key I took the sugar white sands a bit for granted.

My search for the truth behind our perfect sand came while visiting cousins up north one summer when I was shocked to find out I needed to run from the shore to my towel because the sand was so hot!

Ok, it was obvious that the sand was made of larger, rougher grains and not at any where near as pretty as the beaches of Siesta Key but who would have guessed it would scorch my feet! All of my beach experiences on Siesta Key did not require shoes until you hit the parking lot, in fact we would often leave our flip flops at the edge of the sand, ­ a pretty common practice for locals.

check out this white sandman!

None of that cold snow here, the only white, fluffy stuff is Siesta Key sand!

Most other beaches are made mostly of coral, but Siesta Key’s sand is 99% quartz crushed into a pure white fine powder. Because quartz is a crystal itactually disperses the heat from the sun and leaves Siesta Key beaches cool to the touch. Harvard University’s geology department discovered that through millenniums, quartz from the southern Appalachian Mountains down the rivers until it was eventually deposited into the Gulf of Mexico and then onto the coast of Florida. No one can tell exactly how long this process takes, but because the grains of sand are so fine we know it to be eons in the making.

Sugar white sands of Siesta Key

Sugar white sandy shores on Siesta Key, FL

Siesta Key white sand

The sand feels like cool, powdered sugar between your toes!

Siesta Key is widely recognized for having the BEST sand in the world! It’s fine, white and feels almost like powdered sugar in between your toes while you walk across the beautiful beach. In 1987 at the Great International White Sand Beach Challenge, it was scientifically proven that Siesta Key obviously has the whitest, softest sand beach in the world. And since sand like ours takes eons to create, Siesta ended any future challenges for this title.

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