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Want to mix up your Friday nights this summer in Sarasota with free events?

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Friday Nights in Sarasota, FL #SarasotahotelWant to mix up your Friday nights in Sarasota this summer with free events? […]

Where will you be watching fireworks this Fourth of July?

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Siesta Key, Sarasota, FL Fireworks  […]

Where will you be spending Happy Hour on Siesta Key?

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You are on vacation, right? Then there is no need to wait until the sun goes down to enjoy a few drinks any day of the week on your trip. Plus, who doesn’t love drink and food specials? Here are a few hot spots Siesta Key Village has to offer. Feel free to bar hop and experience all of them! That’s one of the many wonderful qualities of The Village here, there is plenty to see but all in one manageable size strip of the key, so you can explore it all. […]

You probably know that Sarasota is famous for its beautiful beaches, but did you know it is also famous for its Ringling Circus heritage?

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The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus was a world-renowned show that traveled across the United States, and had its winter headquarters settled in Sarasota. One of the brothers, John Ringling, was a great deal of importance in the modern development in Sarasota. He also bought water front land, which he then built a mansion on and later built a museum to hold him and his wife, Mable’s, collection of Baroque art. It wasn’t long before John became extremely wealthy and bought the American Circus Corporation, thus owning every traveling circus in America. During this time he traveled Europe while adding to his art collection, which is now the couples growing legacy: The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art; a unique gem of Sarasota. […]

Siesta Key makes the TripAdvisor Top 10 List for Breathtaking Beaches

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Siesta Key makes the Top 10 list for TripAdvisor’s Breathtaking Beaches […]

What is the meaning behind celebrating Memorial Day?

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What is the meaning behind celebrating Memorial Day? […]

Do I need a car when I visit Siesta Key?

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Do I need a car when I come to Siesta Key? […]

What is the Village that everyone is talking about!?

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Siesta Key VillageSiesta Key Village is in the heart of Siesta Key with designer shopping, local dining, laidback nightlife and more! Located just steps from the beachfront, The Village is a quaint and cool island strip where there is just enough to explore but not so large that you feel overwhelmed. By your second visit you will feel like a local! […]

Tour the gorgeous city of Sarasota from the seat of a bike!

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Bike Tours in Sarasota  […]

Do you want to swim with manatees during your Florida vacation?

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A beautiful Florida manatee resting Do you want to swim with manatees during your Florida vacation? […]