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Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, FL…Visit today!

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Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, FL…Visit today! […]

What and where is the best resort or hotel in Siesta Key, Sarasota, FL?

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What and where is the best resort in Siesta Key, Sarasota, FL? […]

Why Siesta Key is the perfect destination for your next vacation!

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Siesta Beach #1 Beach […]

The 4th of July holiday brings loads of excitement and activities to Siesta Key, Sarasota!

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4th of July holiday brings Suncoast Offshore and 9 days of exciting events!What words come to mind when you think of the 4th of July holiday? We think of words like spectacular, amazing, exhilarating! Out on Siesta Key, it’s very much the same wording, but we like to add community, and maybe even superfloridasandelicious (yes one of our guests made that up and we think it’s a perfect description of Siesta Key!) As a community we all pull together to raise the money for the festivities that make up the night of dazzling fireworks in the sky over the most beautiful sand beach in the world as far as we are concerned. The Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce hosts the fireworks every year and work hard to make them the best around! Loads of volunteers work year round preparing for this exciting night and hope you will join them in celebrating again this year! […]

Siesta Key Hotel recognized as a TripAdvisor Green Leader

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Siesta Key hotel, Tropical Beach Resorts is doing its part to help!

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Sarasota’s Waterfront Makes the Top Ten List of North America

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Sarasota finds itself back on the top ten list.. but not for it’s beaches.. (Voted #1 Beach in the Nation , 2011 Dr. Beach)… This beautiful place that some of us are fortunate enough to  call our "home town" has found itself back in the spotlight again.  USA Today Live Stream featured an article by Lydia Schrandt, selecting Sarasota’s marina  as one of the top ten waterfronts to visit across North America.  " This culture-rich city enjoys close proximity to 40 miles of white-sand beaches lining the barrier islands just off shore. In the city proper, Bayfront Park and Marina is a popular place for biking, walking, kayaking or canoeing with views of Sarasota Bay and the city’s skyline." (Lydia Schrandt,  For  complete details of all top ten destinations visit […]

Tips for Vacationing over the Memorial Day Weekend on Siesta Key

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Free Rides on Siesta Key and also historic Siesta Key Tours!It’s the first big holiday weekend of the summer season and Siesta Key is calling your name! […]

Best sunscreens for your kids to keep them happy and healthy during your visit to Siesta Key!

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Now we know that one blistering burn during childhood can increase a child’s risk of developing melanoma. So I diligently spread a thick layer of sunscreen on my own sons, who are six and two. […]