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Are There Sharks in the Water at Siesta Key Beach?

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One of the most frequently asked questions we get from vacationers is whether there are sharks in the water at Siesta Key Beach. After all, with Discovery Channel’s famous Shark Week and the popularity of the Jaws franchise, the threat of a real-life shark attack can seem all too real. But life isn’t a movie set and to help assuage your worries, consider the following statistics and safe swimming tips to keep you safe and shark-free: […]

How to Avoid Being Stung by a Stingray

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One of the many concerns people traveling to beach areas have, particularly those with young children, is being stung by a stingray. They shouldn’t be something you fear during your visit, as there are plenty of practical ways to avoid an injury. […]

What Happens if There is a Hurricane Warning while I’m on Vacation?

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Unlike other parts of the country, Florida boasts year-long warm weather, making it one of the top destinations in the United States regardless of the season. But even the Sunshine State isn’t exempt from unfavorable conditions: Hurricane season hits as early as July and lasts as late as November, with August and September as the most active months. […]

Why Siesta Key is the Perfect Beach Getaway

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Just offshore from Sarasota is the barrier island of Siesta Key. Known for having “The World’s Whitest Sand” and for offering visitors a variety of fun things to do, this eight-mile-long island is the perfect beach getaway. Here, you can relax and enjoy the tropical atmosphere. Siesta Key is connected to the mainland via two bridges that allow easy access without sacrificing its natural beauty. The island presently has 15,000 year-round residents with another 18,000 that regularly flock to it to escape the northern winters. […]

Guess Which Beach Won #1 in the US!

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While many people across the nation are beginning to prepare for colder weather, Floridians are anticipating another record-breaking tourism season, possibly topping 2014’s nearly 100 million vacationers. It s not difficult to understand why so many people want to escape the cold weather and retreat to Florida’s warmth and sunshine. […]

5 Things to do at Night in Siesta Key, FL

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Day life is hopping on Siesta Key with plenty of fun activities, great restaurants, and shopping in the village. It’s at night, however, that the Key really comes alive! Here are a few fun ideas for planning and enjoying Siesta Key nightlife: […]

Ever Wonder Why Siesta Key Has Such Amazing Sugar White Sand?

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What makes Siesta Key sand so white? The sugar white sand of Siesta Key explained:  […]

7 Reasons Why Siesta Key Beach Was Voted Number 1 in the Country

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Siesta Key Beach has been voted the number 1 beach in the country by the online review site TripAdvisor. It’s also previously been called the best beach in the country by “Dr. Beach,” a Florida professor who has traveled to beaches throughout the world. […]

Why You Should Stay at Siesta Key on Your Disney World Vacation

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There are vacations, and then there are tropical vacations. There is just something special about a tropical beach vacation with sunshine, blue skies and the sounds of the surf outside your window. […]

How Siesta Key Beach Compares to European Beaches

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Planning a beach vacation but don’t know where to start? The ideal location is the first step. A beach vacation is a staple of summer getaways. After a long winter, most people are ready for some sun and sand.  The crucial question is where to head to. […]